QR codes are around for a while now and it is not a secret that they are being ignored quite a bit. Well if you are a man, you have to admit that you would never ignore this one, right? And even though you may not get what you would have expected by scanning it, I can ensure you that you wouldn’t be disappointed either!

Victoria’s Secret chosen this creative way to launch their new campaign “Sexier Than Skin”. And with a recent research showing that indeed men are less likely to scan a QR code vs women (36% vs 64%) you’d have to agree that this was indeed such a smart idea!

To my opinion this is one of the best use of QR codes I have ever seen. Sex always sells, but this is not the reason. It is barely because of the amazing way the brand essence & the communications objective of this campaign have been mixed so geniously with technology.

I was not that lucky enough to find one of them in the street myself, but I hope they did not actually stopped on just revealing the full image. I am not saying this in a weird way – all I mean is that I hope they actually did engage with the user in a more transactional way, continuing the ad journey beyond just the message delivery. Cause even though the message was delivered effectively the level of awareness that could be expected to be achieved through such an inititative is low.

That being said, I have to note that the outdoor banner prints seemed to actually gone a bit wasted, as there is no branding or messaging on them! So thumbs up for the QR code use, but not a 100% correct execution from a marketing point of view! Oh well, at least they did not screw it up as much as Betfair did in a similar campaign idea.

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