Wow! This is the dream every angry bird fan has. In fact this is everybody’s dream cause I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like angry birds. Except if you don’t have a smartphone yet of course! Indeed this is the insight that the creative team at Saatchi&Saatchi based their idea on to continue the succesful sequence of T-Mobile’s campaign ”Life’ for sharing”.

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Besides the fact that this is the coolest event ever happened (and that I WISH I was in Barcelona on the 11th of May, 2011) it could probably be the most controversial one in the history of phygital marketing, in terms of both its strategic and executional marketing effectiveness. 

What’s great about it: From a strategic point of view, T-Mobile’s ”Life for Sharing” campaign is all about hosting a guerrila event in a high traffic place where a large number of people will get involved (strangers will dance or sing altogether) and this will then be filmed and shared on youtube to go viral. I think there was always another point aimed on the original executions; to show that the phone is the first and most real-time device people use to share their life experience (as vividly shown on the videos).

Accordingly this angry birds live event was indeed a very smart & unconventional initiative that made lots of people gather together and have fun and of course… use their smartphone to participate which was another message the campaign wanted to pass over. The execution as you can see below is just brilliantly crazy! An actual, physical angry bird “jumping” out of the digital mobile world! This could be even called “Reversed Augmented Reality”!

Thumbs up for the creativity blast and a well deserved 13M views achievement on Youtube!


What’s wrong about it: The main problem with this video is that if you didn’t know is a T-Mobile ad, you’d probably never get it (!) even if you watched the video until its last 3 seconds! Moreover, from a strategic pov, the message is getting a bit too confusing: What’s the point here? What’s the connection between Angry birds and T-mobile? How does the “Life’s for Sharing” campaign idea fit in anyway? The list of questions can go quite far and many could have some good counterarguments for it’s of those (i.e. the point is to show that if you have a smartphone you can play angry birds and T-mobile can offer you a smartphone, etc) but besides anything else, using such an iconic gaming brand as Angry Birds to promote a service that goes with the one of the devices this game can be played is totally absurb! At least, I wish this was a mobile device ad! 

Execution wise: the video starts straight with a big angry birds sign (and a tiny T-mobile one that I bet you did not notice) and is focusing so much on this indeed amazing set up, almost ignoring the mobile device aspect of it (a couple seconds of the phone as a control) while not even showing a single person using their phon to make a call and share!!! The message at the end says “join the fun everywhere” which sort of means “download angry birds now” before it closes with a very quick T-mobile frame at the end with another message this time ”Life’s for sharing” that almost seems irrelevant at this point and almost a bit surprising (the wrong way!) Almost a pity that the impact of such a creative and highly viewed video might indeed gone a bit wasted.

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